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Policy & Terms of Use

All policies and Terms of Registration are adopted in consideration of and in the best interest of members of the CodeBreakers website. As a condition of registration, you agree to all of the terms and policies contained herein, as well as all other reasonable policies promulgated by the CodeBreaker managers.

Questions / Answers

You hereby grant the Site Organisers an irrevocable, worldwide, royalty-free, fully-paid up license to reproduce, copy, display, perform, or otherwise material uploaded to the site. You hereby release and hold harmless the Website Organisers and their agents and assigns from all claims, demands, causes of action and liability related to said use of the material.

Member Information

The Site Organisers will not provide a list of Member contact details to any third party. The member list will not be made available to any parties and will not be traded or sold in any form.

Webiste Managers: Peter Garside and Small Talk Events Pty Ltd.

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